Halt watched Will trying to hit the target.His apprentice hadn't hit the wooden target at all that morning,and the day before he hadn't done well with his tracking.Will said he was fine; Halt didn't think that was true.Halt continued to watch his apprentice.Will sighed and picked up the arrow for the twelfth time that morning.

“Will,stop."The apprentice looked at him.Halt noticed he looked pale.“You haven't hit that target once.Why is that?"

Will shrugged.

“And your tracking?"Will shrugged again.

“I dunno."

Halt looked at Will.He looked tired and was very pale.

Will felt cold in the late summer air.He tried not to shiver.Halt was staring at him.

“What's wrong?"Halt asked.


Halt was still staring at him.“Something's wrong.What is it?"

“Nothing's wrong!"Will's head was pounding and he was so dizzy he could barely see.