Will awoke the next morning,his head still pounding.He walked out for breakfast,pain shooting through his neck with every step.

Halt was brewing coffee,as usual.“Morning,Will."

“Morning,Halt."Will looked at the fire and wondered why he was so cold.

They ate their breakfast in silence,then Will grabbed his bow and walked outside.He aimed an arrow at the target and pulled his bowstring back.He released the string and the arrow flew high of the target.

He frowned and went to retrieve the arrow.He nocked it to the string and took aim again.This time the arrow flew short.


Will looked at Halt and nodded.He tried again, and the arrow flew high again.Will squinted at the target.His headache was worse than before and he felt dizzy.

He picked up the arrow again and again.He didn't hit the target once that morning.

“Will,are you sure your ok?"Halt asked.“You normally do well on your training."

Will nodded,trying to blink away his dizziness.“I'm fine."

“Then keep practicing."Halt said gruffly.

Will nodded and aimed his arrow,once again missing the target entirely.