Will raised his bow and nocked the arrow.He aimed it towards the target and released the string.The arrow hit the edge of the target.

Will lowered his bow,sort of disappointed.He usually hit the center of the target when he practiced his shooting.

The next morning Will woke to the smell of bacon cooking on the stove.He got out of bed and walked into the kitchen.Strangely,Will felt cold,despite the fact that a fire burned in the fireplace.He shrugged and sat down at the table for breakfast.

After they ate,Halt and Will went outside for tracking practice.Halt knelt down near some animal tracks.

“What is it?"

Will looked at the tracks.His head pounded,but he shrugged it aside.“Wolf."

Halt looked up at him,shaking his head.“No.You're normally good at tracking,Will.Anything wrong?"

“No,just tired,I guess."