My ancestors protected Araluen to the death, they watched the kingdom of Araluen fall and rebuild itself as the Republic of Aralen. They faded into the shadows because they were no longer needed and the people of Aralen forget the Rangers existed, my ancestors became myths and legends that mothers told their children at bedtime. But all legends have some truth to them.

As the years turned into centuries, my ancestors had children, and passed on their legacy of protecting Araluen. Like my ancestors before them, they were masters of the shadows and moving unseen. As more and more years went by, guns replaced the weaponry that was used when Araluen still existed. But the Rangers` descendants still zealously used their bows and knives.

As more years go by and my friends and I become the bearers of oakleaves, first bronze and then silver. And my mentor passed to mantle of leader to me and he left the life of a Ranger behind. Now I watch the apprentices practice until they never get it wrong like my ancestors before me, watching to see which has the potential to be a Ranger.

I am now the Ranger of Araluen fief and one of the protectors and guardians of Araluen, no matter what name it hides behind, it is still the kingdom of Araluen. I watch as Willa brings reports of  a Professor of archaeology that she has been observing at his digsite at Castle Redmont. Accessing what few records we have on him, I discover that he is one of MacNeil`s descendants and has potential and could be useful with all of his knowledge of our ancestors. Suddenly, the future has become a whole lot brighter.

My name is Mandolyn Altman, and I am a Ranger.

The End.