The Castle of Barcel is the first fanfiction book in the Kingdom Rangers series by Imperial Legion.

The Castle of Barcel
The Castle of Barcel Cover -1
The Castle of Barcel Cover


Kingdom Rangers


Imperial Legion


Peter Flamsteed, Thom O'Kelly


Alexandonium, Barcel, Runaria

Started Writing:

January 27, 2013

Finished Writing:

Not Yet Defined


Peter Flamsteed is a young boy in the Kingdom of Alexandonium. His mother has past away, but as for his father is unknown. When Peter was five, his father, leader of the Royal Pikeman Army, was believed to be taken captive by a hostile country. Others believe he's dead.

Peter is now fifteen, with two years of 'Ranger Experience,' when all his master, Thom O'Kelly, has had no action while mentoring Peter since the boy was thirteen. Peter feels more like a maid to the Ranger than an apprentice.

When villages are interrupted and sacked by an unknown raider, and the prince has mysteriously dissappeared, Thom and Peter are sent to look at the disburances in Northern Alexandonium.

When one plot leads to another, Peter hopes he can find his father-and save him-before time runs short.

The Castle of BarcelEdit

Chapter OneEdit

Peter sat in the tangle of branches of an oak tree, pondering to himself the million chances the Choosing could go wrong, and the one chance that it could go right.

Deep in his thoughts, he didn't realize the black-curly haired girl standing under to him.

"Peter!" She yelled.

Peter jumped up and fell out of the tree, landing on his buttocks on the grass. The girl that called to him laughed.

"Shut up, Katherine."

Katherine was a graceful, average sized girl, who laughed pleasantly...well, everything about her was pleasant, and Peter would easily admit that she was in love with the thirteen-year-old girl. Her black hair reflected well with the sun.

"Sorry." She laughed one more time. After that she cleared her throat. "Why don't you go to the banquet? It's really elegant, and Nancy has prepared a wonderful meal of roast."

Peter thought about it for quite a bit-longer than Katherine had. As she walked away from the oak tree, she called to Peter: "The Choosing is in an hour."

Peter immediately chased after Katherine, as Katherine knew he would.

♠ ♠ ♠

"Are you seriously going to eat one biscuit?" Katherine asked Peter, even though the question was unnecessary. Peter could eat no food without starving for a couple days.

Peter replied with a shrug.

After a moment's silence, Katherine asked: "How did you manage to keep your formal clothes clean while in a tree?"

"I dunno." Peter said. "And anyway, I wish these clothes were dirty, so I could hate them even more. These are itchy, tight, ugly, disgraceful, vomit-inducing...I would much rather wear the jester's clothing." He said, pointing to the yellow and purple briches of the jumping, prancing Jester.

Katherine giggled to herself lady-like. 

Trumpets blared. The regal messenger called out: "The Choosing is about to commence."