History Edit

Sadie used to be a ward at the orphanage of an unknown fief. Some point before The Burning Bridge but after The Ruins of Gorlan, she is adopted by Lady Pauline. When Lady Pauline marries the Ranger Halt, she gets his last name as well.

Sadie has been trained in diplomacy by her mother, and Ranger skills by her father. Sadie prefers riding to sneaking around, and Halt is consistently disappointed by her silent moving abilities. But then, he's always like that.

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Description Edit

Sadie is 17 years old in Erak's Ransom. She has dark green eyes and wavy black hair that comes just below her shoulders.

Relations Edit

  • Sage is Sadie's sabino mare, with the Ranger code phrase of 'Jump high for me.'
  • Lady Pauline is Sadie's adoptive mother.
  • Halt is Sadie's adoptive father.
  • Nerida Raven Treaty is Sadie's best friend, and Will's older sister.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Sadie enjoys pranking her friends and family occasionally.
  • She has worked at The Heaping Platter for Jenny, though not for long.
  • Sadie and Nerida's friendship started off on the wrong foot, but eventually they became friends.
by: Sadie O'Carrick