"Think Rangers are just a myth, think again"Hestia O`Carrick Rangers of Norgate is a spin-off series of Ranger`s Apprentice: The Modern Ranger series, and focuses primarily on Dhara Jacks, an innkeeper`s daughter in Norgate City and Hestia O`Carrick, a mysterious new arrival.


Main CharactersEdit

Hestia O`CarrickEdit

"When people see me they think I`m a ghost."

Hestia is a mysterious new arrival in Norgate City and hired hand at Boardman Stables. She has a fiery temper, living up to her name, which means fireside, and will do anything to protect the people who are close to her, even leaving home. Her callsign in the field is Ranger 40, often just shortened to Ranger.

Dhara JacksEdit

"I`m constantly flowing in and out of the shadows, you see me once but no more than a glimpse."

Dhara is Hestia`s closest friend in Norgate City, and eventual apprentice then partner. Her name means constant flow and she is very skilled in unseen movement. Like Hestia, Dhara is loyal to core to her family and will stop at nothing to protect them, even if it means becoming mute. She earned her code name, Stealth by saving Hestia from bandits at the ruins of Macindaw.

Sheriff Tobias TailorEdit

"Kid, you are a fighter, just because you lost your voice and your entire lifestyle doesn't mean you can`t fight, so be strong, kid, remember who you are fighting for"

The Sheriff of Norgate City and the surrounding towns, Sheriff Tailor is a most valuable ally to Hestia and Dhara, especially in their investigations. He is loyal to his deputies and believes duty comes second after family. He eventually finds out that Rangers still exist and are operating under hisnose. His last name is tribute to Sheriff Andy Taylor from the Andy Griffith Show.

Kitty TrobarsanEdit

"Dhara? You`re Ranger? Cool!"

A descendant of the giant, Trobar, Kitty is an animal lover and Dhara`s best friend. She loves training dogs and horses, ever since she found out that Dhara was a Ranger apprentice, she`s learn certain Ranger horse training techniques.

Jon and Zorra JacksEdit

Dhara`s parents and the owners of the Yellow Parrot.


Book 1: Ruins of Macindaw

Book 2: Shadows of Macindaw

Book 3: Echoes of the Past

Book 4: The Return to Clonmel

Book 5: The Peril

Book 6: Vengeance