"You`re a Ranger, I thought they were all gone,"-Professor

Not all of us,"-Mandolyn "Mandie" Altman

The Modern Ranger is a series about the Rangers` modern day descendants.



Mandolyn "Mandie" Altman:Edit

"I`m a Royal like my ancestors before me but I am a Ranger first."

Mandie is a descendant of King Horace I and Cassandra Altman through their youngest child Kyle and is the current Ranger Commandant.

Arratay O`Carrick:Edit

"I`m a descendant of one the most famous Kings of Clonmel, King Sean O`Carrick and that makes me a relative of Halt."

Arratay is a descendant of King Sean O`Carrick and a distant relative of Halt O`Carrick. Like his ancestors, he is a Hibernian and has a distinctive but faint accent like Halt. He is a former apprentice of Ritchard and a member of the Task Force.

Ginnie Davidson:Edit

Ginnie is a descendant of Gilan and Jenny Davidson and comes from a long line of Battlemasters and Rangers. Like Gilan before her, Ginnie wields a sword along with her usual Ranger equipment. Despite being younger than the rest of the fifth year apprentices, she finished her Ranger training early to finish her sword training. She is also an excellent cook

Willa Treaty:Edit

Willa is a descendant of Will and Alyss Treaty and is the first apprentice of Arratay and the current Ranger of Redmont. She watches over what is known as Old Redmont. She is both diplomatic like Alyss and a little on the short side like Will.

William "Bill" Treaty:Edit

Bill is Willa`s twin brother and a descendant of Will and Alyss Treaty. He is the former apprentice of Ginnie and the current Ranger of Seacliff. Unlike his sister who lives in a cabin in the woods outside of Wensley, he lives in the middle of town.

Daley Meratyn:Edit

Daley is a descendant of Crowley`s brother Dorian and Mandie`s right hand man. Even though he comes from a long line of Rangers, he is the first Ranger in five generations in his family. He is a former apprentice of Ritchard and the current Ranger of Araluen fief and lives in Araluen City.

Ritchard Edit

Ritchard is the head trainer and recruiter for The Corps, finding and overseeing many a rangers training. However a only a few have been personally trained by him. Unlike many of his fellow rangers, he did not inherit his position from an ancestor, he was recruited himself after his parents died and he was placed in an Orphanage. It was there that he began to develop the skills that caught the attention of the Rangers.

Couriers Edit

Alyssa Treaty:Edit

Alyssa is the younger sister of Willa and Bill and a descendant of Will and Alyss Treaty. She is currently apprenticed to her cousin Allison Mainweather. Like her ancestor Alyss before her, she is a Courier and has the natural skills of both a Courier and a Ranger

Paulanna Treaty-O`CarrickEdit

Paulanna is Willa and Bill`s older cousin and like her ancestor Pauline before her, she is the head of Diplomatic Service at the Ranger Headquarters. She is also a representive of Redmont in the Senate. She is also the wife of Arratay O`Carrick.

Allison MainweatherEdit

Allison is cousin to Willa and Bill Treaty, Paulanna Treaty-O`Carrick. She is the mentor of her youngest cousin Alyssa Treaty.


The Professor:Edit

Professor MacNeil is an archaeologist that specializes in Araluen history, specifically the Rangers. He is the first person in centuries to know about the Rangers. He is also a descendant of Sir MacNeil and a budding swordsman. He eventually receives Ranger equipment and training.

James MacNeil:Edit

James is the grandson of the Professor and a descendant of Sir MacNeil. He is currently apprenticed to his grandfather.

Horacio Altman:Edit

Horacio is a descendant of King Horace and his wife Cassandra Altman and a cousin of Mandie Altman. He is an archaeologist that lives in Gallica and is the current bearer of the title, the Oakleaf Knight.

Eric Starfollower:Edit

Eric is a descendant of Oberjarl Erak Starfollower and captain of the Wolfwhirl. He is a good friend of the Treaty and O`Carrick families and often provides transport for the Rangers.

The Wargals:Edit

The Wargals are nightmares from Araluen`s past. They were awakened by Ulysses Morgarathson and were unleashed on Aralen by him. The Wargals` reawakening caused a series of events that caused the Rangers to reveal themselves.

Ulysses Morgarathson:Edit

Ulysses is a descendant of Baron Morgarath and released the Wargals by following his ancestor`s instructions from their prison beneath the Mountains of Night and Rain. He is the current Baron of Gorlan and the owner of the Gorlan Estate.

Captain Oswald Farrelson:Edit

Oswald is a descendant of Ranger Farrel and is a captain in the Aralen Armed Forces. Like his ancestor he is massive, and wielded an axe in the Battle of Redmont. Eventually he receives Ranger training and equipment.

King Leonardo Altman:Edit

Leonardo is the current King of Aralen and the head of the Royal Family. He shares his power with the Prime Minister but has the final say in everything that is related to welfare of the Republic of Aralen.



The Ranger

Main SeriesEdit

The Modern Ranger explains how the modern Ranger Corps reemergence from hiding.

Remnants of Redmont

The Burning Fires

The Oakleaf shield

Rise of the Rangers

The Battle of Redmont

The Aftermath

The Sea Wolf


The Modern Ranger: Graduation is the prequel of Ranger`s Apprentice: The Modern Ranger series and follows the Rangers during their apprenticeships leading up to Graduation and leads up to right before Remnants of Redmont.

The Bronze Oakleaf

The Silver Oakleaf

The Ranger of Redmont

The Ranger of Araluen

The Ranger of Norgate

Recruitment Case Files === The Recruitment Case Files is a spinoff series of the Modern Ranger series. It focuses mainly on Ritchard and his daily struggles as the head Recruiter for the Corps.

Case Files: Ritchard

Case Files: Stealth

Case Files: Just another day at the office

Other StoriesEdit

Archives of AraluenEdit

History of the Ranger CorpsEdit

Part 1: Will to Evanlyn Treaty

Part 2: Daniel and Wilheim Treaty to Clarke Meratyn

Rangers of NorgateEdit

Rangers of Norgate