Author`s noteEdit

This story takes place after the prologue of the Lost Stories.


The Museum of National and natural history


Araluen City,  Aralen

Present day

An older man with greying brown hair that was cut just above his ears but was shaggy as he had not had a haircut in several weeks stood at one of the many tables used for examining historical documents and other artifacts from centuries ago when Kings still ruled over Aralen, when the mysterious Rangers still were the King`s eyes and ears, when knights still fought in tournaments, and when Couriers and Scribes still did legal and diplomatic work. The old man sighed, all of his students called him Professor, as did many of his friends, so he had almost forgotten his own name. He came from a line of knights and he longed for their era, the old Araluen, that was why he had chosen to study the Ranger Corps. Little did he know that a mysterious, cloaked figure was watching him from the shadows.

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