A hundred years later, two descendents of Will Treaty, twin brothers named Wilheim and Daniel Treaty born. The two brothers picked up where their ancestor, Evanlyn left off. They and fifty of their fellow Ranger descendents left their families behind in Clonmel and returned to retake their homeland. Unlike their ancestors they were able to retake Redmont, Seacliff, Caraway, half of Norgate, Araluen fiefs, along with three other fiefs.  The Toscan empire was weakened on their northern border by Skandian raiders and various northern nomadic tribes. Along with Arridi and Bedullin attacks on their port cities on the Arridi coast. Because of those attacks, the army was stretched thin and the Rangers’ descendents were able to retake Araluen over a period of the next few years.  After they and their followers retook Araluen, Wilheim went to work searching for the lost texts of Araluen that Scribemaster George had sent into hiding.

“Greetings scholar,

I am Wilheim Treaty, brother to Daniel Treaty and descendent of Ranger Will Treaty. My brother and I have successfully retaken Araluen from the Toscan invaders, finishing what our ancestor, Evanlyn Treaty could not. While my brother is skilled in leading as a field leader, I prefer and am skilled in areas of espionage. In order to retake our ancestors’ homeland, I handpicked ten of the best of all of us that is skilled in moving unseen. Using those ten and myself, we slowly infiltrated what the Toscans call Britonica, starting with Seacliff fief and moving inward, by doing that we were able to take out many important military leaders, causing chaos among them. Then my brother took the rest of the fifty fully trained in the secrets of our ancestors and landed in Seacliff where I greeted him and his men. Then over the next three years, we slowly but surely retook Araluen, fief by fief until Araluen was free. Along the way we discovered the descendents of MacNeil and Sir Rodney, all expert swordsmen, eager to lend their swords to our cause to finish what both our ancestors could not, without them I do not think we would have driven the Toscans out of Araluen.

Now, I am using my espionage skills to track down the lost texts, we recovered some from where they had been sent to in Dun Kilty. Using the record of the all the texts’ names left to us by Scribemaster George, I have started the search for the missing records of our ancestors. One day, I pray that we will be able to reveal ourselves again to the people our ancestors swore to protect, perhaps one day. This an a command to all future generations, stay in the shadows until the time is right for Araluen to know.

Wilheim Treaty