How to defeat a Ranger`s enemy

The top ten Ranger`s enemies and how to defeat them.

10: The Skandians

Get captured by them, save their country and befriend the Oberjarl and sign a treaty with him. Later invite them to dinner.

9: Morgarath`s soldiers

After they threaten to cut off your future travel companion`s nose, shoot them in the thigh and return to sender.

8: Deperneux

After he challenges the Battleschool apprentice with you, shoot him.

7: Outsiders

Reveal their "gold" alter is fake. Impersonate your identical twin brother who happens to be a king and later have the knight who is posing as the Sunrise Warrior fight the Outsiders` champions.

6: TBA

5: TBA


3: Rouge Senshi warriors

Recruit local lumberjacks and train them.

2: The Temujai

Prepare for an all out invasion by training archers and pray that their leader has eaten some bad clams.

1: Morgarath

Have your own warrior volunteer to duel Morgarath and pray your warrior wins.