• Gigglesplash The Ranger's Apprentice

    Hi,this is Gigglekit,but just call me Ranger.Anyway,This wiki is quit deserted and needs immediate revival.For a few days I'll be watching and posting on this wiki to try and revive it.To help,please....

    1. Make blog posts that advertise your fanfics,have tips on making fanfics,and anything that can start this wiki moving!
    2. Wrote fanon!That's what the wikis for,isn't it?
    3. Tell your friends about it!Let them write fan fiction and join the revival movement!

    In conclusion,this wiki is abandoned but has so much potential.Please help out.


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  • M539


    March 4, 2014 by M539

    Hello is this wiki dead because I will share it on fan websites. Ok? Please respond if not dead!

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