A New Beginning is a fanfic based on what happened to Maddie after becoming a ranger.After all,she's a princess,so how does she manage that?Edit

Chapter 1Edit

The rider turned the horse towards him.The horse was black and white and the rider was wearing a mottled cloak.The same mottled cloak worn by a King's Ranger.

After the longbow was lifted,he knew he wouldn't escape.He threw his knife and prepared to be killed.But he never was.

A pain in his arm was all he felt.He saw the ranger placing thumbcuffs on him.

The bandit looked at the ranger who had caught him.“You could've killed me.Why didn't you?"

“I don't aim to kill."she shrugged.For the first time he realized the ranger was a girl.

“But girls aren't-"

“Aren't Rangers?I know,I know.Well,I am."

Chapter 2Edit

Maddie steered Bumper towards the castle in the distance.Tall golden spires surrounded the building.She hadn't been here since before her apprentice-ship.Before she decided to follow the life of a ranger.

Castle Arualen.

Her prisoner trudged along slowly.He was a member of a gang who'd been going around the country.His name was Caleb Reed.

Maddie saw a few horses coming out of the forest.She recognized them as a hunting party.Horace was in the lead and she smiled at him.Edit

Chapter 3Edit

Maddie walked into Gilan's office.She wasn't sure what to do now.She couldn't be a princess and a ranger...could she?

The ranger Commandent shuffled some papers and smiled.“Hi Maddie.So,I heard you caught a prisoner on the way here?"Gilan asked.

Maddie nodded.

“Good.Now we have to see what to do about your assignment."

Maddie found she had been holding her breath as she waited for this moment.“You can go to...."Gilan sorted a few more papers.“I don't know if we have an opening just yet.Maybe I can transfer him to..."Maddie sat back.

“Just name a fife and I'll go there."She said,obviously bored.

Suddenly Gilan held up a paper.His hands were shaking.

“Gilan?"Maddie asked,“What's wrong?"Edit

The commandment took a deep breath and looked up.“Will was killed yesterday."

(Please don't hate me for that.I just needed drama)

Chapter 4Edit

“What?!"Maddie exclaimed.Will had been one of her closest friends and her mentor.

“He went after some bandits."Gilan said.“They had crossbows and..."his eyes skimmed the paper.“Genovesons."

Maddie remembered when he told her about when Halt was hit by a Genoveson crossbow bolt.

“But Will would've escaped!"Maddie protested.Gilan shook his head.

“The bolt hit him and he couldn't get help."Gilan looked the young ranger in the eye.“He's gone Maddie."

Maddie couldn't believe it.The strong ranger who had taught her everything she knew was dead.

“Redmont needs a ranger."Gilan sighed.Maddie almost didn't hear him.

“Redmont."she murmured.“Bye Gilan."

Chapter 5Edit

Maddie put Bumper in the small stable and went into Will's cabin.No,it was her  cabin now.

She started to make a pot of coffee.She made some stew and sat down for her supper.


“What?"Gilan asked.

Halt shrugged.“just a thought."he coughed.

“Remind me not to get old.You've lost your mind."Gilan smirked.

“Don't make fun of me."Halt glared.

“Well sorry,but it's a dumb idea."

“Stop making fun of an old man!"

Gilan rolled his eyes.“I wouldn't have to make fun of of you if you weren't insane!"He took a breath.“So,why'd you think it was a good idea,anyway?"

“I don't know."

Halt had suggested to give Maddie an apprentice.Gilan said it was a bad idea since she hadn't been a ranger more than a few days.

“First you convince me to make a girl a ranger,now giving a young ranger an apprentice?"Gilan argued.

“May I remind you,"Halt snorted,“Maddie is good at her job.She's proved it several times and any apprentice of hers would turn out fine."

Gilan nodded and sighed.

Chapter 6Edit

“An apprentice?"Maddie asked.“I don't know if I'm ready for that."

“I know.It was all Halt's idea."Gilan sighed.

“Well if it's Halt's idea,I guess it's fine"

Gilan looked at her.“Why  does everyone go against me?"he moaned sarcastically.

Maddie laughed.“So who did you have in mind?"



Gilan nodded to her.“Rebecca,I've seen how fast you run.A ranger has to be fast."

Rebecca looked at him.“But I'm a girl,rangers aren't girls."

Maddie threw the cowl of her cloak back.“Well,I must be a thief then since I have a ranger's cloak and a ranger horse,since I can't be a ranger if I'm a girl."

Rebecca looked at her,then Gilan.“I guess I'll do it."she mumbled.

“Will you or won't you?We're only asking once."Gilan said.


Chapter 7Edit

Rebecca looked around the small clearing.Maddie unsaddled Bumper and put him in the stable.

The next day Rebecca and Maddie ate breakfast and went outside.

“These are the weapons of a ranger,"she said as she pulled out a package.

Rebecca looked at the package as Maddie opened it.Inside was a saxe knife,a throwing knife,and a recurve bow.

Maddie spent the rest of the day showing Rebecca how to shoot the bow.

Chapter 8Edit

Rebecca gripped the blade and pulled her arm back.She snapped it forward and the knife spun through the air.It landed a few inches short of the target.

“Try again,"Maddie instructed.Rebecca nodded and went to retrieve the throwing knife.She stood back and pulled her arm backwards to prepare for another throw.

“grip the blade closer to the hilt."

Rebecca listened to her mentor's instructions and released her grip on the knife,flinging it forward.

It hit the center of the target.

“Good.Do it again."Maddie said,leaning against a tree.

Her apprentice retrieved her knife and gripped the blade once more.She threw the knife and it hit the target again.

Rebecca had only begun her training about a week ago and she was already a good shot with her bow.

She'll make a great ranger, Maddie thought to herself.

And she was right.